Thursday, November 23, 2006

Awana Genting, 18-20th Nov 2006

Another weekend, another chance put in some miles in my under utilized car. Drove up with good company and was surprised that it lasted barely an hour because of the light Saturday traffic.

Awana Genting Resorts is about 7km from the peak so it's not overly cool. You can still walk around in Ts and shorts comfortably.

Visited the Misteria show at the Pavilion and did some walk around. Otherwise, it's a pretty quiet and straightforward weekend. Managed to drive 150 balls at the driving range. Unfortunately the squash courts do not have any racquets for rental.

While I had good company for this trip, unfortunately there were still a lot of issues on my mind. Nice place but definately not one of the better time for a trip.

Ok, now the rants!

The most dissapointing aspect is that both the tread mills in the gym are broken! So is one of the two exercise bicycle...the other one is probably broken but by then I just wasn't interested anymore. Furthermore they don't provide any towels at the gym. On hindsight, the broken equipment is probably why they didn't bother. What a disappointment.

When I first walked into my room, it was still not made up. That was at 2:30pm. Both beds was clearly been slept in and towels were all over the place. To their credit, the housekeeping appeared less than 10 minutes after I called the front office. However this shouldn't have happened in the first place.

Looks like the management in both Awana Kijal & Genting is getting a bit slack.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

How I relax in Manila - November 2006

Getting room service...

...and the ability to swivel the flat screen tv towards the bed and catch up on some VCDs.