Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Osaka June 6-8 2011

Transiting thru Hong Kong. A long story on why I didn’t take a direct MH flight to Osaka. So here I am in Hong Kong again after a week.

The Cathay Pacific flight was nice. And the HK-Osaka leg even comes with Haagen Daz ice-cream and each economy seat has it’s own power outlet. But of course I didn’t make use of it to do work, cause the movie selection was too good to miss. Ended up watching “Just Go with It” by Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. And of course there’s Stephen Clarke’s “1000 Years of Annoying the French”.

Not that it’s too bad. The HK airport has always been a pleasant place to be. There are lots of shops and the food courts has a wide selection of food. Arriving at lunch time, I hit the Chinese restaurant for some congee and dim sum (didn’t try the food court because I ran out of HK dollars).

The thing that surprised was the fact that all the Japanese were rushing to the exit the plane when we touched down in Osaka. I thought the PRC tourist were inconsiderate…it was everyone for themselves. I had to just as rudely slot myself in between when it didn’t seem that anyone from the back was going to give way. Maybe when you throw them into confine places, the subway mindset kicks in.

The airport immigration clearance was quick and efficient like that experience in 2009.

Walking into the Hotel Hankyu International, you feel like you had walked into a French chateau.

At 14,000 yen a night, you get what you paid for.
A fantastic (upgraded) room :)

It’s a twin double bed room. The bed is very comfortable. Pillow, while not soft, are firm and supportive.

Check out the 50” Panasonic HD tv…..but there was only one English channel…CNN :(

The cupboards below the TV has a complete set of Japanese tea making facility….and no coffee sachets are provided! Thank goodness I always travel with my Nescafe!

And the bathroom comes with a separate shower and bath tub. Good water pressure and clean. But of course, this is Japan.

View from the 33rd floor (out of 34)


Breakfast is either in the Mai Maison (American Breakfast) or Takeshigero (Japanese Breakfast). It’s not buffet, there’s a fix menu and you get to choose the types of juice, coffee/tea and how you want your eggs done…but it’s top notch…

..and Japanese coffee is wicked! That’s another story though ;)

Hong Kong May 22-28 2011

Back in Hong Kong again. Flying in on a Sunday is less stressful because the streets are quieter (relative term here).

Stayed at the Royal Plaza Hotel in Mongkok again. This place is over a shopping mall, the Mongkok East Rail Line station and connected to the other Mongkok MRT Transit line by a covered above ground walkway.

All those convenience comes at a price....approximately HK990 per night....and that doesn't include internet acccess at HK120 per 24 hours!

But the pillows are nice and soft, swallowing your head as it hits after a long day at work. Good supply of electrical outlet around the room means one can work from anywhere in the room. Cable tv channel is adequate with the standard channels and the room is supplied daily with the South China Morning Post paper.

The highlight is the fitness/gym room. I didn't take any photos, but it's a well equipped area, towels and water are supplied, and the treadmills comes with it's own tv and sanitized head phones.