Monday, March 12, 2007

Brisbane, Australia

I think this would rank as my shortest visit to Australia. Refer to the immigration stamps pictured above. I arrived at about 0700 in the morning and took the 2345 flight back out.

MAS was fully booked so I had to take SIA to Singapore in the afternoon before transfering to the Singapore-Brisbane flight at 2120. Since this was a last minute working trip, I was pretty much caught up working and reading throughout much of the flight. Only managed to get an hour of sleep because I found the cabin had very low humidity. Throat was parched dry most of the time. The good thing about the SIA flight was that they provide us cattle class passengers with a kit that consist of a pair of socks, toothbrush and toothpaste. I remember MAS only providing L'Occitane kits to the business class.

Despite the busy schedule, we were able to visit Mt. Coot-tha on the way back to the hotel. It has a lookout where you can see the panoramic view of Brisbane city. It's absolutely beautiful and I can imagine the night view must be fantastic.

A closer look of Brisbane's commercial district.

For dinner, we walked along the Eagle Street Pier enjoying the cool evening breeze. The picture above shows the Story Bridge, a steel cantilever structure built in 1940 that has been one of Brisbane's icon.

Spotted. A group of tourist doing the bridge climb.

This was taken while walking back along the pier towards the restaurants for dinner.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Malacca Chinese New Year Celebration - 24th Feb

This year's Federal Level Chinese New Year Open House was held in Malacca on the 24th Feb. The King, Prime Ministers and other big shots attended. Personally I think it's a big dissapointment for us peasants cause most of the shows and attractions were only for the VIPS and the rest of the people that were not fortunate to have front row seats ended up not seeing anything. We were there just to make up the numbers and made them feel good. I swear this is the last time I would attend any such functions. It's easier to just sit back at home and watch it on TV.