Monday, April 09, 2012

Jakarta first week of April 2012

This was a short trip. One nighter.

While Indonesia is an interesting and exciting place, coming to Jakarta for work isn't so much fun. There's always the traffic to complain about. A 20km plus ride from the airport to the hotel took about an hour. Can't complain about the ride though as I had the Silver Bird limo :)

Stayed at the Aryaduta hotel. I think I had stayed here before...but I can't remember. Quite a nice hotel. Not brand new, but well maintained. Room was nice, but view isn't the best as the above photo can attest to. Water from the shower was very weak as well. However, internet was good. The WiFi wasn't so stable in the room, but the cable was provided and that fixed it.

In room dining was also quite good as they have an extensive menu ranging from local, Chinese, Japanese, Italian and western cuisines.

Getting back to the airport took almost 2 hours and this wasn't during the peak hours.
See, the room isn't so bad. Even a flat screen tv with lots of cable channels. And if you wish, just plug in your usb to watch your own shows.