Sunday, October 30, 2005

La Mansion del Rio Hotel, San Antonio, 1st - 7th October 2005

This is a great hotel in a building that looks like it has a very long history. It has this very warm atmosphere and the service and personnels are great. Highly recommended staying here for a relaxing holiday and with the Riverwalk at the rear entrance (more about that later), it's a real treat.

There's broadband internet connection at USD10 per 24 hours (3pm till next day 3pm).

Look at the picture above, on the left....they even have a coffee maker! Paradise :)

Great toiletries too.

Shot from the corridor...the door to the rooms are from the other side.

It was raining when this photo was taken so the pool was kinda empty. Anyway the cold moved in on my last day and the temperature was around 15'C.

LA to San Antonio via Salt Lake City - 1st October 2005

After "staying" overnight at LAX, I managed to check-in at 5am and prompty headed towards the gates. However I was marked for a thorough screening with body checks and all. Little did they know I was only too keen to take my shoes off after more than 24 hours!

With that done, I headed for McD's for my breakfast and waited for my 9am Delta flight.

Good deed of the day: Notified the 2 asian women who were chatting away without realizing that she has dropped her passport.

Pictures taken on the flight towards Salt Lake City.

Below is a photo taken at the Salt Lake City airport.
Below are pictures taken on the flight from Salt Lake City to San Antonio. Look at the fantastic landscape! Right out of National Geographic. Unfortunately I was so tired I decided to get some shut eye.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

LAX - Tom Bradley Terminal, Los Angeles - 1st October 2005

After staying overnight at the airport, I got checked in at 5am had McDs for breakfast and patiently waited for the flight out with a novel in hand.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

LAX - Tom Bradley Terminal, Los Angeles - 1st October 2005

Tom Bradley Terminal

Arrived from KLIA via Taipei. Unfortunately for me, since this is my first visit since my visa was made in 2002, I was taken to another office to fill in some forms before they process my entry. Luckily for me, my connection flight was 12 hours away.

The MAS personnel was kind enough to locate me (must not be the first time, since a few stewards and pilots were also in the same office) and take my luggage tag to bring my luggage to the office.

A picture of me at the Tom Bradley arrival terminal

So after going through immigrations and then customs (was not checked), I was left with 12 hours to spend at the airport. Pushed my way all the way to Building #5 for my Delta connection but they told me that I can't check my bags in because it's too early. So I was left with my bag and it was almost 7pm so I can't probably go on a tour of LA.

I was hungry but there were no cafeteria or restaurant at the Delta terminal, so I walked all the way to Tom Bradley again to get some sandwiches. Managed to get some sleep and in between, read the novel that I brought with me....

OK, kinda tired now. Would blog more at a later time.