Monday, August 27, 2012

The Dusun, 8-9 August 2012 (Updated)

The Dusun ( is a place located in Negeri Sembilan, nearby Seremban. It's in the jungle on a nice hilly slop. There are a few types of houses to choose from. There's the Tembusu House (3 persons), Berembun (2 persons), Emas (5 persons) and Sola (7 persons). There are plans to expand it with a new swimming pool and other facilities this December.

We were a bit worried about the driving conditions to that location because we've read earlier tripadvisor comments about difficulties finding and driving up to the Dusun. We didn't have any trouble finding the location by following the instructions given on the website. As can be expected, the roads up wasn't in the best conditions, but driving slowly in a low gear, we got there (hey, it's a holiday, what's the rush right?)

That's the pool and on the right is the Berembun House. Originally, we had booked that, but changed it to Tembusu, so there was a bit of a mixed up because they had prepared the Berembun. It wasn't a big issue and we waited awhile while they prepared Tembusu.

Meanwhile, we did a bit of photo shooting around Berembun and the pool.
Those are pictures of Berembun. You can see much better pictures from their website.
That is the Emas House, set slightly down from the pool.
That’s the parking lot and above it is the main house where Helen and her family stays.
Unfortunately, I didn’t have the presence of mind to take a photo of the Tembusu House. Just these two rather blurry pictures of the bed. One is the Queen Sized bed for two while there’s a single bed at the other end of the room.
The kitchen has all the necessary utensils for a good chef! There’s even a rice cooker and a fridge. Unfortunately since it’s only a one night stay, we didn’t plan on cooking anything.
photo (5)
This is taken from the bbq area looking towards the Tembusu House.
The two resident dogs (Blackie & Tan) immediately escorted us the moment we stepped out for a walk around the property.
Look! Durians! Unfortunately, we didn’t see any fresh fruits that fell Sad smile
Our two loyal body guards.
The beautiful Sola House.
Our dinner. The Minangkabau Classic Set. Nice! There’s fish (the one in yellow sauce), squids and vegetables (bean sprouts).

While it was warm in the afternoon (perfect for a swim), it starts getting dark after 7:30pm and the temperature starts to drop. In fact it can get pretty cold at night. One good point about the place is, I could get Celcom 3G signal and hence there’s internet. It’s very quiet and peaceful and the night was spend reading or surfing the internet.

photo (10)

There is a coffee table and 2 chairs beneath the house too, so that was where I sat and enjoyed my morning coffee while reading my ebook so that I don’t disturb my friend still sleeping.

All in, I enjoyed my stay here. I will definitely recommend this place to people who wants to get some peace and quiet time, away from Kuala Lumpur or Singapore.

[UPDATED: 22nd November 2012]
Totally forgot that I had taken a video of the place. It was 7:15pm, just before sunset and the place was real quiet and peaceful by the pool.

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