Monday, September 10, 2012

Getting an Indonesian Visa from Kuala Lumpur, September 2012

Here are a few tips:

- Go early. Before 8am preferably. There are only 120 numbers each day and when I arrived at 7am, I managed ticket number 50.

- Process, everyone lines up outside the embassy (look for the visa gate, the other gate is for Indonesians). Embassy gate opens at 7:30am and everyone moves inside and wait in line outside of the office. There are chairs around, so grab one and have a seat in line. The office only opens at 8:30am to give out the number. To get a number, you will need to show your passport. Hence you can take a number for someone else, but you have to show the proper number of passports. Office officially opens at 9am to start processing.

- If you missed any photocopying, there is a photocopy outlet at the other side of the embassy. You need to exit and enter thru the other gate. Ask the processing officer if in doubt. The photocopying service is free.

- PARKING. If you are driving there, there are paid parking at the building next to the embassy. If I’m not mistaken, the building name is 231THR. It’s RM3 per hour and a max of RM12. This will be a good place to park if you are collecting your passports. You can also park along the road behind the embassy since you have to be there early. However, do note that people do collect ‘parking fees’ by the time you collect your car. Normally it is RM5 with no time limit, so this is a reasonable place to park if you are there for processing and you get a big ticket number.

NOTE: The information here is correct at the time of writing. The big crowd I faced may be seasonal in nature. However, if you really need to get a visa quickly, best to go early.

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