Monday, September 10, 2012

Jakarta - 9th September 2012 (Sunday)

Took the 9am flight from KLIA and arrived in Jakarta slightly after 10. Arriving in Terminal 2, the immigration lines had been changed and now foreigners are split into two sides of the room while the original immigration lines are reserved for Indonesians and crews.

With only 3 officers manning each side, a queue soon formed. There were about 50 of us on the right when two very overweight Arabs had problems with the immigration and took up one whole booth. On the other side, there were some raised voices. Mostly Malaysians have no problems getting thru, it’s the other foreigners that took longer to process.

After getting thru customs and immigration, I still had lots of time to kill cause my connecting flight to Timika is only at 9pm. So I checked into the Jakarta Airport Hotel. US$85 or R833k for 6 hours.

Jakarta Airport Hotel 1

Since I had only 2 hours sleep the night before, I crashed the moment I hit the bed, hence the untidy looking bed. Only took the photo when I woke up.

How’s the room? 6/10. Basic amenities. Cable TV provides CNN & HBO and a host of other Indonesian cable channels. Comes with 2 bottles of complimentary (I hope) mineral water, tea making facilities with neither tea or coffee provided. There’s cabled internet but it’s not free. There are also wifi in the lobby, but again it isn’t free. Shower has strong and powerful jet of water.

Jakarta Airport Hotel 2

View from the room.

Jakarta Airport Hotel 3

View from the lobby.

Waiting for my checkout time and get myself to Terminal 1 later.

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